For companies


As a business partner, your company supports you with a donation or a partnership. As a thank you, your company receives benefits based on the amount donated. The benefits help your company to make visible to employees, customers and business partners that your company has an active CSR strategy and supports humanitarian victims of the war in Ukraine.

You are free to choose the support program that suits your company. The overview below shows the different packages. From a support package where everyone can participate in terms of price, to unique opportunities for partnership and a presentation from one of Ukraine’s many refugees.

If you are interested in signing a partnership for your company, please contact the Fundraising Manager:

All company contributions are deductible, cf. current regulations.

We have approval from SKAT according to Ligningsloven 8A.  


Bevar Ukraine welcomes one-time donations, donations of humanitarian equipment, product donations, or product collaborations that can help raise funds for Ukraine.